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salut and welcome to my homepage!

Me in the wilderness of Utah
Me in the wilderness of Utah.

To introduce myself: I am Pia Backmann and this is my very first blog about my life as a scientist and the motivation for my research.

I am interested in many things and I like sharing and discussing about my thoughts to get new ideas and impulses from you. This is why I start writing here about science (my own research and everything I like), modeling techniques, programming languages and other tools for programmers/scientists, linux, philosophy of science, ethics, queer theory, society and how it affects my daily life and – last but not least – environmental protection.

I am particularly interested how to contribute – as an ecologist –  to make the world a better place to live (at least a tiny little bit). Sounds very “kitschy” and fatuous…? Indeed, however, basically this is one of my biggest motivations to do science (besides my curiosity and the fun of learning and to meet interesting people). I have to admit that most of the time I stumble and fail and do things with small, not quantifiable significance nearly nobody (except of a handful geeks) is interested in — however: hope springs eternal

Cheers and have fun

Pia Backmann